CAMP BAKES SPRING 2020 CAMP UPDATE (**6 spots left**)

Our 2020 Spring Camp Bakes Flyers and Registration forms are now available. Our first camp for May 4 – 7 has 3 spots available (*room code: SCICB20) . Our 2nd camp scheduled for April 28 – May 1, 2020, also has 3 spots available (*room code: SCICB02). Both camps will be hosted once again at Strike Zone at Sunset Station (Hotel, Casino & Bowling Center) in Henderson, NV. **Please note: To reserve a spot in the camp, you must complete and submit a registration form with a $100 deposit. Thank you. **

Download Camp #2 Flyer

Download Camp #2 Registration Form

Download Camp #1 Flyer

Download Camp #1 Registration Form


$100 non-refundable registration fee with filled out registration form will be required to hold a spot in the camp.

Full payment due by March 1, 2020

Any cancellations after April 14, may receive a full refund if the spot is filled. Otherwise, cancellations will be eligible for refund of $800, or an $800 credit towards another camp.

Cancellations within 72 hours of camp, will not be eligible for refund unless the spot is filled or under special circumstances (reviewed at the discretion of MBB).

Special Announcement

I am very pleased to announce I have signed a contract with 900 Global, AMF 300, and 3G shoes. I’m very excited to represent them in all facets of my coaching business. This includes the Saturday Asher/Baker clinic and the Wednesday “House Pro” coaching at Fountain Bowl, as well as my individual lessons all over the U.S. I look forward to growing the Baker/Barnes clinics with my business partner Chris Barnes, and making 900 Global the official ball of all future Camp Bakes!! Thank you to Bill Supper for making this happen as I continue to work on my mission statement…”Bowlers who get better don’t quit!”

Read official Press Release

Visit 900 Global Website

Visit AMF 300 Website

“THE SYSTEM” is Here!!

“THE SYSTEM”  is here!! Order your DVD today!! Available for purchase internationally as well! Flat-rate Shipping fees are $4.95, ANYWHERE in the U.S., and $14.95 internationally.  Order your copy today!

**SPECIAL NOTE** To everyone who has pre-ordered  “THE SYSTEM“, all pre-orders were shipped on 10/29/2014. All new orders will ship within 24-48 hours of purchase. You will recieve an email with a tracking number. Thank you!

– Mark –


You may have noticed some changes to our site. We’ve added some new tabs to the main page. The “Recent News & Notes” tab will offer a quick glimpse of some of the more recent special acheivements that our bowlers are sharing with us. We’ve also added a “Links” tab, which will put you in touch with some of our affiliates in the bowling industry. You can also now see some of the recent posts on our Facebook Page, by clicking on the “Mark Baker Bowling on Facebook” link. We’ve also updated our “Coaching” tab to reflect our first price increase in 9 years! Please continue to visit us often. We appreciate your interest and support!



In 3 days I will receive a copy of my first instructional book, The Gamechanger,  and in 35 days Camp Bakes #13 will begin is Henderson, NV at the Strike Zone Sunset Station, so needless to say I’m a little fired up!! The camp has 34 sign ups already, shirt colors have been selected, balls chosen, so camp is on pace.

Now for the book, all I can say is WOW, what an undertaking.  I’d been talking about doing an instructional book for years, but that’s about it, lots of talking, no writing, and now I know why, it’s not EASY!! Lucky for me I found the right partner in Jason Thomas.  He started by attending one of my camps to see my coaching style in person, and then videoed over 20 hours of me answering his questions on my coaching system. This was 16 months ago. After all this I thought he’d write for a few months and then hand me a completed book, right? Wrong!!!! That was version 1, the version that will be in the book, is #6, that’s right, I made him rewrite it 6 times, and we’re still friends! Why so many rewrites you ask? Because you only get 1 chance to write your first book!! What was the goal of the book? The obvious reason sales!!, but seriously that was one of the harder parts about writing the book, who was I writing it for? I started out with the premise it was for the bowler in Minnesota sitting in his front room that I had never met, and that was where the problems started. Why, because I don’t start coaching until I’ve seen you bowl,{one of the main reasons I don’t do email lessons!!}, but with no info on experience, skill level, years bowling, etc., chapter 1 never felt right. Game plan #2, I’m going to write this book for me, just to say I did it, and that I wouldn’t have any regrets when my coaching career was over. (But with a 3 year old, I’m going to be around for a while!) Now this was better immediately, but still not right, I felt it had too many stories and not enough coaching, though if you were a big bowling fan of the 80’s, this version was infinitely more entertaining!! This got us to version #4. Now my #1 criteria when writing this book, was too able to start on page 1 and read it all the way through without getting bored or bogged down in technicalities. Not only was this my goal, but also my toughest critic, one Mr. Chris Barnes, hey if you got friends in high places, use them! Chris maybe the most analytical bowler of all time, so who better, and if you want an honest opinion, there is NO ONE better! So without being able to accomplish the criteria of reading it cover to cover,  version #5 had to change. Then it hit me, I was writing this book for all the bowlers I’ve already worked with, in reality, the bowlers who have trusted me with their games and allowed me to get to the position where I can do what I love for a living! Then it got easy, I wanted the book to feel like you were taking a lesson from me. The outline was simple, and the second version with this idea in mind, is the one you’ll see if you buy the book. Let’s face it, the people most apt to buy the book are the bowlers I already coach or have coached, and I didn’t want this group to say, “What is this, I took 6 lessons and we never talked about timing spot.” That will not be happening, I’m proud to say. So I sat down with version #6, read it from cover to cover, TWICE, then got a call from Dallas, TX, and the voice said, this is good, I read the whole thing. Success!!


Welcome to the new Mark Baker Bowling web site, and with it comes a new feature – a blog! How often? At least once a week, if not more. Why, you ask?  I want to highlight and focus on some of the amazing accomplishments and individuals that I get to work with on a daily basis as a full-time professional bowling instructor. I will also talk about what it’s like being a professional bowling coach – not a real common job, to say the least! It could be about Mike Fagan winning another tournament (congrats on Paris, my friend), or someone who bowls their first 200 in our Saturday clinic, or what goes on in my normal day. What it won’t be is anything to do with my own bowling! (Just got back from USBC nationals with my best friend Dave Husted, and I shot, 580/629/567 for 1776 all events…end of discussion!) Oh yeah, congrats to Chris Barnes, who also won a tournament in Paris! But it will be about this game I’ve loved from the first time I ever threw a strike, to the smile on one of my students face when they just threw the best shot of their lives. Bowling is a community unto itself, and I’m proud to be part of it.

So now that I’m typing, I’ll leave you with a line from Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, “thought I had something more to say.”