Why Virtual Lessons with Mark Baker Makes Sense

Now you too can benefit from personalized coaching from the most sought after coach in the sport. No matter where you call home, you can take Mark's analysis of your game with you to the center and start seeing higher scores immediately! Watch this video to learn more about virtual coaching options with Mark Baker.

Virtual Lesson Quick Links

First time? Scroll past the quick links below to learn more about your virtual lesson plan options. Find the plan that best matches your goals then use the links below to kick-off your virtual lessons.
Comprehensive Plan Bowler History Form

Comprehensive, personalized coaching with Mark Baker begins with understanding your bowling history and priorities. Comprehensive Lesson and Virtual Academy students start here.

Maintenance Survey 

You've put in the work on the lanes, now it's time to review and assess your progress with a quick survey of what's working and what needs some attention.

Choose a Plan and Upload Your Game

Conveniently purchase the virtual coaching plan that matches your goals with your PayPal account. Use this form for both payment and (optionally) uploading videos of your game.

Upload Video Only

If you already purchased your coaching plan, you can use the link above to upload videos of your game. Useful for maintenance follow-up videos for the Comprehensive Plus and Virtual Academy plans.

Mark Baker's Personalized Virtual Lesson Coaching for Your Game

Start Working One-on-One with Mark Baker in 3 easy steps.
1. Choose a coaching plan that best fits your improvement goals.
2. Complete either the comprehensive bowler history or maintenance survey form.
3. Purchase your plan and then simply upload videos of your game using the quick links above.

Video motion analysis example

Single Comprehensive Bowler Assessment - $110

This expanded Comprehensive Assessment includes a review of your personalized bowler's biography, in-depth motion video analysis of your current game, and a post-analysis wrap-up. 

The Comprehensive Assessment plan features Mark's expanded breakdown of your game, including:
- An appraisal of your bowling history in order to glean insights into your current development in the sport
- Pre-video analysis of your game identifying the top challenges that will be addressed in the upcoming lesson segments
- In-depth video motion analysis of your stance, swing, footwork, spine angle at release, and ball direction as seen from a variety of angles
- Additional video motion analysis of your push-away, timing relationship between your swing and footwork, spine angle and ball launch trajectory and downlane motion as seen from the side
- Lesson wrap up includes Mark's tips, goal setting, and next steps to concentrate on while working on your game.

Motion analysis example

Single Maintenance Evaluation - $60

Everyone, from hall-of-fame greats to beginner league bowlers, need help maintaining their skills and staying on track towards consistently higher scores. This option is perfect for bowlers who have completed the Comprehensive Bowler Assessment and want to continue to improve.

Submit your videos and complete a quick survey of...
- what's going well in your game?
- what needs some attention?
- and, importantly, what outcome do you want to see change.

The Maintenance Evaluation plan features Mark's concise breakdown on what's going on in your swing, and what's it going to take to meet your next goal. Utilizing digital motion analysis software to clearly highlight areas of interest in your game, he talks you through motions you can integrate into your swing to get the results you want.


Comprehensive Assessment Plus Package - $150

This plan is for those who want the complete lesson package...a Comprehensive Bowler Assessment and a follow-up Maintenance Evaluation, together at a great price!

After giving several hundred virtual lessons its become clear to Mark that bowlers that get a Comprehensive Assessment, and come back for a follow-up Maintenance Evaluation, see the biggest improvement. Now you have the opportunity to purchase both lessons options and save over 15%.

Here's how it works: to receive your personalized Comprehensive Assessment. start with submitting your Comprehensive Bowling History and videos of your game at strategic locations at the center. Mark will provide an expanded video breakdown of your game using motion analysis software to help identify areas to concentrate on in order to see progress towards your goals.

Bring your virtual lesson to the center on your mobile device and get to work! Time on the lanes practicing the key motions identified in your assessment is the quickest way to introduce new results into your game.

After working with your virtual lesson for some time, send another set of videos in for a concise evaluation of how changes introduced in your virtual lesson are impacting your game, and what the next steps on your road to improvement will be.

Virtual Academy with Mark Baker

When you're ready to commit to constant and continuous improvement of your scores and competitive results.

Video motion analysis example

Comprehensive Assessment plus 11* Maintenance Evaluations - $650

Professional and top amateur athletes in all sports know that the key to reaching their potential is consistently receiving insights from a trusted coach. The Mark Baker Virtual Academy combines your Comprehensive Assessment with 11 additional Maintenance Evaluations that you can use whenever you need to tune up your game. Get an evaluation and updated practice plan before a tournament, or to help break out of a slump, or simply to get encouraging and vital feedback that the hard work you're putting in on the lanes is paying off. 

Virtual Academy Plan features
Begin your journey to better scores with a Comprehensive Assessment of your bowling history. Your input provides Mark with important insights into the current state of your physical game's strengths and weaknesses.

Next, submit videos of your game from strategic locations in your home center. After pre-viewing your videos, Mark will setup your game breakdown by identifying the top challenges to address during the following segments of your lesson.

Phase 2 of your Comprehensive Assessment begins with an In-depth video motion analysis of your stance, swing, footwork, spine angle at release, and ball direction as seen from multiple angles. Additional video motion analysis of your push-away, timing relationship between your swing and footwork, spine angle and ball launch trajectory and downlane motion as seen from the side.

The final phase is a wrap-up of the most important topics covered in your virtual lesson, In it you'll receive:
- encouraging insights on what's going well in your game 
- what the current focus in improvement should be
- tips on how to add consistency and accuracy to your game
- goal setting and next steps to improvement

Want to know the Key to Long-lasting Improvement?
Identify and practice the things that matter the most, repeatedly.

It's time to take your video lesson to the lanes and get to work on those areas where you'll see the quickest improvement. Give yourself some time to master the techniques through repetition and self-analysis. Stay focused and resist straying too far from the fundamentals outlined in your lesson.

When your ready to tackle the next step in your development, prepare for an event, or address a  concern in your game, you'll have 11 additional Maintenance Evaluations at your disposal. Each of them cataloging over multiple points in time the development of your game with illuminating video motion analysis from the most sought after coach in the game,

*NOTE: The 11 Maintenance Evaluations included in the Virtual Academy program must be completed within 12 months of your purchase date.

Virtual Lesson FAQs

Comprehensive Bowler Assessment and Virtual Academy students may submit up to five (5) videos of their bowling swing at specific locations in the bowling center: 
- from behind: the video taker is positioned behind the bowler about a step outside of the bowler's throwing shoulder. The camera should be oriented vertically (or portrait), held at shoulder height, and zoomed out so that the bowler is visible from head to foot in the frame throughout the shot. Do not zoom in on the bowler as they approach the foul line and keep the camera as stable as possible.
- from the side: the camera is pointed at the bowler's throwing side and follows the shot from the 1st step until the ball is released. The video taker should stand about two lanes away and close to the foul line. Orient the camera horizontally (or landscape), and fill the frame with the bowler so that the bowling ball, as well as the feet, are seen throughout the shot. Keep the bowler in the center of the frame as you follow the bowler, stopping the panning motion at the point of release and hold for a second or two -- do not continue panning in order to follow the ball to the pins.
- 3/4 view (in-between the behind and side positions): the video taker should stand 1 to 2 steps behind the bowler, and 3 to 4 steps to the side. Orient the camera vertically (or portrait) and keep the bowler centered on the frame throughout the shot. Make sure the ball is seen throughout the swing as well as the bowler's feet. Please do not zoom the camera at any point during the shot, but do follow the ball all the way to the pins.

Video Format Settings for Your Camera are important and will help speed up your lesson delivery time. Please use these video settings before you record your game:

Video Format: 720p HD at 30 fps. Please do not record in higher frame rates or in 4K.
Enable Auto Low Light FPS to improve results if the approaches at your center are in low light. If you need assistance on how make these settings, try this link for iPhones
Try here for Android phones.

Important Tips:
-Unless otherwise instructed, please limit your video submissions to a minimum of two (2) videos (one back and one side) to no more than four (4) swings total.
-Please do not shoot in slo-mo (slow-motion) mode.
-Don't zoom the camera while recording.
-Do trim your shots if possible
-Do include only one shot per video file submitted (no multiple-swing compilations, please)
-We work with standard video file formats: .MOV, .MP4, and .AVI
-Please, do not submit links to your shots hosted on a video streaming service (for example, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Maintenance Evaluation customers typically submit the same video shots as described above but may receive additional direction on what to video based on your maintenance survey answers,

Send a link to your hosted video files
By far the most efficient way to share your video with us is to email links to your videos files hosted on a third party service to mark@markbakerbowling.com.  Using a third party file hosting service (Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box, etc...) and sending us links to your files is the best way to ensure we can work with high quality video of your bowling swings. The video files sit on a server where file size is not an issue. Upload your video to the host of your choice, then paste the link to the hosted file into an email and send the message to mark@markbakerbowling.com. 

Upload your videos using our upload form
If you have saved your videos to a computer or your phone's file manager, you can upload them using our upload form.

Send your video files by email as attachments
Alternatively, you can send individual video files by email attachment to mark@markbakerbowling.com. Email services such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo mail will stop you from attaching file sizes that exceed their limits so following these tips will help avoid being blocked BEFORE sending your files:
- set your video record settings to: 720p HD at 30 fps BEFORE taking the video
- trim the video to only the swing...typical swings take less than 6 seconds
- attach one video per email
- ZIP the video file to compress the file size

After submitting your bowler assessment or maintenance evaluation, you will receive an email providing instructions on how to pay for your lesson using PayPal. Following payment for the virtual lesson, you can submit video of your bowling swings for analysis.

Once we've downloaded your video files and confirmed they are OK to process, you'll receive a lesson delivery date estimate from Mark. Typical processing time is 2-4 days.

The short answer is no, Mark will be happy to provide a maintenance evaluation to new clients who are only looking to target a particular issue in their game. Please submit a Maintenance Evaluation Survey to begin working with Mark.

After successfully submitting your comprehensive assessment or evaluation survey, the results are on the way to Mark via email. After a review of your bowling history you'll get an email message with instructions on how to complete your purchase if you haven't already done that step.

How to Video Your Bowling Game

In this video, Mark gives tips on how to maximize the quality of your virtual lesson by showing you where to stand in the bowling center for the best results when you capture your game on video.

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